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Mar L is a modern day Renaissance Man. He is an educator by day, and involved in a plethora of artistic endeavors by night. A graduate of Loyola Marymount University, Mar L has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.

Currently serving as a school administrator, working with children or in his voice “tomorrow’s future” has been his occupation for over 17 years. Unilaterally, his main passion is being a musician, singer, and producer. He’s played keyboards and sung on numerous albums and musical projects. If he had to choose which one he loves the most, it would be the latter given he likes to sleep and dream often.

Mar L recently has embarked upon a successful modeling career, and has also been an actor in stage plays.

In his world, he doesn’t do anything in his spare time because each moment in life must be accounted for in every instance. His philosophy is, “Today is the last day, so be sure to have 24 hours of real life tales to tell the Fairy at the end of each one!” He is a romantic by nature, and this disposition positively influences everyone he interacts with including the readers of this romantic devotional.